7 Days

Day 1 · Streamlining

Create a smooth flow of movement throughout your home and you'll begin to enjoy the benefits of tiny house living.

Day 2 · Decorations, chotskis and other treasures

Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.      
- William Morris

Day 3 · Manage the mélange

Being disorderly is not exciting or peace-inducing, so let's make some changes!

Day 4 · Take a sentimental journey

"When I go, I don’t want to be remembered by the stuff I left behind, but how I loved while I was here." - Courtney Carver

Day 5 · Impede the impedimenta

Start shopping as if you are living in a 400 square foot tiny house with very little storage space

Day 6 · Explore, investigate and try new things

I used to watch house hunting shows and agree completely with those homebuyers who would say, "This whole kitchen is so dated and small! Who could live here?”

After living abroad I now know the answer to that question, we all can.

Day 7 · I'm free!

Get tips on how to continue living tiny, enjoying the serenity and freedom your new lifestyle provides!